Freedom Of The Air Threatened By Government



51 years ago, this was a headline in Electronics Weekly’s edition of November 10th 1960.

The story opened:


‘Arguing that control by government-sponsored authorities mitigate against the principles of freedom of the air, Mr D. M. Keegan, director of the radio and Television Retailers Association, put forward forcible views on broadcasting and television when he spoke at the annual dinner of the association last week.


The story continued:


‘He said that locally sponsored organisations alone ought to be the sponsoring bodies for local stations, although he conceded that the Postmaster-General should control the aspect of interference of one station with another.’


The story goes on:


‘Mr Hugh Carleton-Greene, Director-General of the BBC, declared that the BBC’s plan to complete nationwide coverage with VHF sound transmitters could be naturally extended to local community stations.’


He said too that the BBC are “ready and eager to proceed with a small compatible colour service,” and, looking forward to the Olympic Games in 1964, considered that

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