Fundamental Study In Physical Sciences Needed To Advance Communications

This year’s exhibition of the Institute of Physics and Physical Science demonstrates once again that  communications can only thrive and make advances through fundamental study in the physical sciences.

So, 53 years ago, starts a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of January 11th 1961.

The story continues:

For instance, solid-state work has given us practical parametric amplifiers. Mullard, English Electric and Marconi have some of these on show and an interesting mechanical analogue of a parametric amplifier is demonstrated at the STC stand.

The spread of the electronic gospel throughout industry is illustrated by the fact that Glass Developments Ltd have produced an ammonia maser for use as a frequency standard.

An interesting research project by Mullard has resulted in a packaged solid-state S-band maser.

Travelling-wave tubes with higher gain are coming into prominence and one shown by STC for S-band has a gain of 40dB.

An X-band klystron modified to include a ferrite rod in its cavity is one of the new Decca products. By varying a magnetic field round the rod, a frequency sweep of several hundred Mc/s is available.

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