Hughes Opens Semiconductor Plant In Scotland


‘A production capacity of 1.3 million diodes a year is planned for the Scottish  semiconductor plant for Hughes International (UK) Ltd when it is fully staffed’, starts the lead front page story in Electronics Weekly’s first-ever edition dated September 7th 1960, adding: ‘The plant was opened by Lord Polwarth at Glenrothes today.’

The story continues:


‘The first overseas subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft Co, California, will provide a spearhead for an intensive sales drive both it the UK and throughout Europe’.


‘Staff at Glenrothes – at present around 80 – producing 50,000 units a week – will be expanded to 300, entirely British.’


‘Hughes’ entry into Britain brings UK manufacturers of semiconductor diodes and rectifiers up to 18. In the USA, Hughes rank fifth among semiconductor manufacturers, with a production capacity for diodes of 70 million a year.’


The story concludes:


‘The first step of Hughes in Scotland will be to build up a market for general-purpose diodes with low reverse leakage currents. Next stage will be to produce and create a market for gold-bonded diodes.’





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