No You Khan’t

Whatever happened to charged packet memory?

Whatever happened to charged packet memory?

30 years ago New Scientist carried a story about Bart Khan who’d invented a memory device claimed to be 4x denser than IBM’s densest disc drive.


The ‘philosopher’s stone of computer storage’ enthused the NS. Storage was in the form of  analogue waveforms stored in capacitors.


Khan said that big US and Japanese companies had offered his company, Micro Xeno, ‘multi-million pound cheques’ to develop charged packet memory.




  1. Easy, just search for him on Facebook :0)

  2. Crikey George, he was a shocker. A Techno-Ponzi-ist par excellence. Wonder what happened to him.


    New Scientist also reported about 4 months later that Mr. Khan had disappeared after filing for only one of the 98 patents he had said that he would file for his invention. It further states that he owed about 500,000 pounds and had never built a prototype.

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