Pandering PMG Panned In Commons


Colour TV: BBC to try again


Was the headline, 50 years ago, on a piece in Electronics Weekly’s edition of April 26th 1961.

The story opens:


‘The BBC, whose plans for an experimental colour television service were turned down last January, are re-opening the matter with him.’


“I will consider what they say,”, Mr Reginald Bevins (PMG) told the Commons last week.”


He said that BBC test transmissions were to continue and added: “I hope they will help our manufacturers to develop a reliable and less expensive colour receiver which will not require an imported picture tube.”


The PMG denied he was ‘pandering to the ITA (Independent Television Authority)’ in refusing to give the go-ahead.



  1. Luckily we avoided the curious joys of Something Essentially Contrary to the American Method.
    Apparently it’s a right bitch to design faders for.

  2. The American experience of introducing Field Sequential Color, dropping it after less than a month and having to refund all the customers,
    then going for NTSC (Never The Same Color) shows
    it was probably wise to wait until the technology had matured.

  3. We were lucky not to have 405 line colour.

  4. What a disgrace. Even Russia had colour TV a few years before it finally got rolled out in the UK.
    A similar fiasco to the way 4G today ( and 3G before )is being handled, sigh..

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