Prague Effects


‘About 700 visitors from abroad and more than 160 from Czechoslovakia attended the International Conference on Semiconductor Physics recently held in Prague

So, 50 years ago, opens a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of October 26th 1960.

The story continues:


‘Dr W Shockley (Nobel Prize winner)  gave a very detailed analysis of effects which occur in pn junctions. In his theory of the breakdown of pn junction, he started out from the work and results in Czechoslovakia during the study of quantum efficiency.’


‘Dr Shockley reported on the discovery of a new effect which permits the study of the action of a current of phonons on a current of electronics in silicon.’


‘Professor J Bardeen, Nobel prize winner, stressed the importance of basic physical research into semiconductors, which are the centre of scientific and technical interest, for a deeper knowledge of the laws governing these substances.’



  1. colour telly was miles more exciting than any mobile phone cheese

  2. How could the 60s have been one of the best decades ? I wasn’t born yet then, but c’mon, did they even have an iPhone ?
    (no, don’t tell me they had accurate maps – that was probably also true of the roman civilization, so that doesn’t count 🙂

  3. I agree, SecretEuroPatentAgentMan, it was a great and buzzy decade in which many social restrictions were chucked out. I think maybe Western governments were terrified of losing the Cold War and the intellectual argument against Communism and encouraged aspiration and creativity and tolerated inflation which made everyone feel they were making loads of money. But maybe it was just the hangover from the war and the drab 50s and human nature re-asserting its joyful side.

  4. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    Looking back it seems in many ways that the 60’s was one of the best decades with enormous progress, plenty of work and importantly a lot of optimism. People expected soon to work on the moon, take a holiday on Mars and live in cities on the seabed. All that imploded other than the possibility of cities under water and few are looking forward to that.

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