UK Engineers Meet Space Challenge

How electronics engineers are meeting the technical challenge of instrumentation in research space vehicles was described by a number of speakers last week at the Rocket and Satellite Instrumentation Symposium organised jointly by the British Interplanetary Society and the Society of Instrument Technology.

So, 54 years ago, starts a story in Electronics Weekly’s first edition dated September 7th 1960.

Dr A.P.Wilmore (University College) described the instrumentation for the first Anglo-American Scout satellite to be placed in orbit late next year.

In his address he paid a handsome tribute to engineers of Pye and Bristol Aircraft who had produced the circuitry for certain of the experiments.

The Pye unit, part of the equipment for measuring electron density and temperature, included waveform generators and amplifiers on two 5½” diameter circular cards, forming a stack 2” high with a total power consumption of only 60mW. Dr Wilmore said: “Pye have turned out a fine piece of equipment.”

Referring to the solar X-Ray measuring equipment electronics package, developed by Bristol Aircraft, Dr Wilmore stated: “I think it can fairly be said that the performance of this equipment rankls the best that has been built with this sort of power consumption.”

Consumption is 80mW and the unit is contained in a 3” stack of 5½” diameter printed cards.

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