UK Understands Use Of Transistors, says TI

“The rapidly increasing depth of knowledge in the UK in design, production and use of transistors is creating an ever-widening demand,” said Mr A.N. Provost, managing director of Texas Instruments in London last week.

So, 53 years ago, started a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of May 24th 1961

The story continues:

He was announcing major decreases in the entire range of products made by Texas Instruments.

He went on to prophesy that greater demand will result in further price decreases and that germanium mesa type transistors at 3s to 4s each, and similar silicon devices  at 8-10s, are within the foreseeable future.

He also forecast a simplification in the types of transistor to be used, the silicon epitaxial form to become common, and the grown junction to be a minor factor in the market by 1965-7.

The introduction of the first commercially available epitaxial transistor was also announced by Mr Provost.

The price initially will be £5 10s each and is expected to drop to £3 in less than 6 months.

Planar devices are under development in Dallas, Texas and their introduction into this country was admitted by Mr Provost as feasible.

It is expected to have a solid-state circuit available in the UK market in about 18 months. “It is our aim to produce circuits from the mono-crystal material,” said Mr Provost, “it is possible, however, that our initial circuits will be of an integrated nature.”

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