Crossbar Has 1Mb RRAM

Crossbar, the four year-old Santa Clara resistive RAM (RRAM) start-up, has demonstrated pre-production 1Mb arrays.

The array uses Crossbar’s using its patented “1TnR” (1 Transistor driving n Resistive memory cells) technology which makes it possible for a single transistor to manage a very large number of interconnected memory cells, enabling very high capacity solid-state storage.

Other memories utilising passive cross-point architectures, such as Resistive RAM, PCM (Phase Change Memory) and neuromorphic systems, experience unintended electrical current when accessing high density storage due to “sneak path current.”

Until now, these memories have not been able to access data and have consumed excessive power, making dense memory configurations impractical.

Now, Crossbar can enable a single transistor to drive over 2,000 memory cells with low power.

RRAMs do not wear out because of the technology’s fundamental memory cell structure, based on metallic nano-filament in a non-conductive layer.

Crossbar’s RRAM can be stacked in 3D directly on top of standard CMOS wafers, making it cost effective to manufacture.

Crossbar is currently finalising agreements with several leading global semiconductor companies and plans to announce its first licensing agreements with customers shortly.


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