Terabit Memory IC In Six Years, Says Unity.


A Terabit memory chip in six years?  That’s ahead of the ITRS, ahead of Moore’s Law, and ahead of people’s expectations for non-volatile memory which is not expected to scale much beyond 32nm

But a 1Tbit non-volatile memory device made on a 20nm process is the promise of Unity Semiconductor which, earlier this week, broke out of stealth mode after seven years, and announced a new memory technology which will scale to 20nm and possibly beyond.


Unity says it has engineered a passive rewritable crosspoint memory array that requires no transistors in the memory cell


“We are the only company in the world that can write and read data patterns in a passive cross-point array,” Darrell Rinerson, founder, chairman, president and CEO of Unity told me.


Rinerson, formerly of Micron and AMD, has raised $75 million and needs another $25 million to get the technology into production. Production is scheduled for Q2 2011 with a 64Gbit chip made on a 35nm process.


2012-13 is scheduled for 128Gbit and 256Gbit memories, also made on 35nm. Then, with the transition to 20nm in 2015, comes the milestone of the Terabit memory IC.

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