Toshiba Claims Fastest, Smallest, 64G, MLC NAND Memory.

Toshiba will move into volume production of 64Gbit NAND flash on a 19nm process, later this month.

Toshiba reckons its 94 sq mm die is the world’s smallest for two bit-per-cell 64Gbit NAND flash.

The company also reckons it has got the world’s fastest two bit-per-cell 64Gbit NAND flash with a write speed of 25Mbytes per second.

Toshiba is also developing three bit-per-cell NAND flash using 19nm process technology and aims to start mass production in Q2.

The company will initially introduce 3-bit, multi-level-cell products for smartphones and tablets by developing a controller compatible with eMMC, and will subsequently extend application to notebook PCs by developing a controller compliant with solid state drives (SSD).


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