Where’s The Sucker?


Want to buy a DRAM company? Want a hole in the head? You’d think it’s a no-brainer, but Credit Suisse wants purchase offers in for Hynix before the end of next week.

As you might expect, Hynix’s figures are now looking good. Q4 showed a $600 million plus profit. Q3’s profit was $183 million. Q408’s loss was $700 million.


Q408 is a more typical quarter for a DRAM company than Q409.


While Hynix is carrying $4.6 billion of debt.


So where’s the sucker?



  1. I’m afraid they won’t, Mike, these bankers are sniffing a chance to get some of their $4.6 billion back. If we could get RBS to put up the remaining $4,599,999,999 we would have a deal. RBS are clearly suckers and have just put up the money to let Kraft buy Cadbury’s. Then we could be the next Phoenix 4.

  2. Do you think they will take $1 for it and we can do our own Pheonix 4 ?

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