Rivers, Pubs and Microprocessors

While Intel codenames its processors, during development, after the names of American rivers, PicoChip of Bath goes one better by calling its processors after the names of Bath pubs.

So far the Bell, the Star and the Crown have been honoured in this way. The Star, it has to be said, is a cracking boozer, founded in 1753, which serves Bass in five pint jugs straight from the tap in the barrel. The tradition of PicoChip naming its chips after pubs goes back to the founding of the company in 2001. Peter Claydon and Doug Pulley, PicoChip’s co-founders, currently COO and CTO respectively, started PicoChip in a bath pub called the Belvedere. Bath has over 170 pubs so it will keep PicoChip busy for some time. Look out for names like Salamander, Wansdyke, Gothenburg, Glenmavis, Rummer, Hobgoblin, Blathwayt and Green Tree. The Green Tree, incidentally, right in the middle of the city, is another terrific watering hole, low ceilings, three tiny bars, excellent beer. One can’t really believe that a river ever inspired a decent chip, but it’s very possible to accept that a great pint in a terrific pub has been the inspiration for many. The proof of that is not only the number of great chips that have come from the Bristol area, but the fact that the area boasts more chip designers than anywhere else in Europe. Cheers.



  1. It was the Belvedere, where PicoChip was founded.
    I don’t know which pub they have board meetings in. I’ll ask

  2. Now what is that pub close to Picochip HQ where they have their board meetings (at least according to Peter Claydon)?
    I think that the instruction set used in PicoArrays was contructed over a few pints of Bellringer at The Green Tree.

  3. Guillaume d'Eyssautier

    Brilliant !!!

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