Hotel rooms, plugs, lights, TV, WiFi and Ethernet

In a peripatetic industry it would be interesting to add up the number of hours spent in hotel rooms trying to figure out how things work.

How often do you get into bed and turn out the light only to discover that there’s a light on somewhere for which the switch is the devil’s own job to find? How often do have to log into both the Ethernet and the WiFi to see what the cost is? How often does the mechanical plug in the bath fail to retract sufficiently to keep the water in? How long does it take to scroll though loads of pay-channel options before you find CNN and Sky? It’s understandable that the interior designers of hotel rooms want something that’s sleek, minimalist and high-tech but it would save so much time if they made it clear how everything works It’s not so bad if you’re checking in at 6pm but, if it’s 11pm and you’ve had a couple, it can be a chore.

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