No More Mr Nice Guy, Warns Telefonica CEO

No more Mr Nice Guy, is the message from Telefonica to MWC this morning.

The mobile operators won’t keep taking this beating it gets from the regulators, says Cesar Alierta, CEO of Telefonica.

According to Alierta, the low prices paid in the UK 4G auction show that the wireless operators won’t always be so accepting of their position vis a vis the regulators.


The operators have to pay for the spectrum, pay tax, then build the network yet they are pummelled by the authorities, asserted Alierta.


Should we feel sympathy for the mobile operators?


 I don’t.


I think the mobile operators have done a poor job in the last 13 years since the 3G auction, while the regulators have done a good job.


The price of  European roaming was absurd until the EC capped charges.


The price of American roaming still is absurd.


And 3G is spotty to say the least.


Mobile operator profits have doubled in the last ten years, margins are 30-40%  and revenues are $1.5 trillion.


Maybe Cesar protests too much.

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