Tech-no Saddo

Janet Kornblum, a columnist on USA Today, flips the concept of the ‘tech-nos’. People who say they’re not going to have any truck with high-tech gadgetry.

Kornblum quotes a San Francisco ‘futurist’ (how do you get a job like that?) called Paul Saffo saying: “It’s going to become very fashionable at some point to be disconnected.” Kornblum also quotes a Brit from Northampton, Alan Moore, who has rejected email, web access and cellphones, saying, “Not being able to be phoned when I’m out walking: that is blissful.” Cellphones, of course, must be the most emotional invention ever. We love them and hate them. When you’re trying to meet up with someone, when you’re both out and about, they’re heaven. When you’re in a confined space and have to listen to other people talking into them they’re hell. And mobile phones created that saddest of scenarios – the couple in a restaurant, when one gets a call, and takes it, and chatters on, leaving the other looking like a lemon. A qualified cheer, and only one, for the tech-nos.

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