Americans Going Socialist

Proof, if further proof were needed, that the USA is turning towards socialism, comes with the news that an alliance of companies is looking for $2 billion of government funds to get into batteries for electric cars.

Now a cynic might say that it’s only because the President-Elect has announced a $150 billion spend over ten years on developing green technologies, that these sort of initiatives are lining up with their bowls out.

But it could be symptomatic of something deeper. Normally Americans think of socialism as a dirty word. In the US psyche, walking tall and walking independently of the government, is seen as the

American Way



But Americans are pragmatic people and, in a crisis, they’ll resort to whatever it takes to stop the ship from going down.


In the mid-1980s, when the semiconductor industry was in trouble, it formed Sematech – a government-backed consortium of companies to develop the technologies to compete with the Japanese. The new car battery alliance is basing itself on Sematech.


Faced with the great Depression, the Americans  resorted to Keynesian make-work schemes to keep the ship afloat, and they liked that sort of socialism so much that they voted for F.D.Roosevelt four times.


So, now we’ve seen those once-mighty proponents of free market capitalism, Wall Street and Detroit, in front of Congressional bodies begging for the taxpayer’s dollar, who can say that Americans don’t have a small corner in their hearts that favours socialism?


Just don’t call it that.



  1. That’s as may be, but at the time Americans seemed to like this form of socialism by voting in FDR 4 times.

  2. A lot of people who have studied the great depression claim that the policies of the Roosevelt administration (and the imposition of the smoot-hawley tariffs under Hoover) lengthened the great depression by many years. Just a thought!

  3. surely corporate subsidies, back-handers, pork-barrel politics and scamming with private corporations during war, are all as American as apple pie? Cycling petrodollars through despotic regimes, bankrolling de-stabalising forces in foreign lands is all part of how USA plays the greed game. Capitalism is right as long as USA comes on on the winning end. As things change it will be beaten into whatever bastardized resultant form will give USA best advantage. This is life! All normal! The President is a travelling salesman. Always was. Always will be.

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