Bozotti’s Getting The Hang Of It

Carlo Bozotti, CEO, seems to be getting the hang of this semiconductor thing. In a stroke worthy of his illustrious predecessor, he has got the French government to stump up a good chunk of change to support ST’s process R&D and most advanced production facility.

It was interesting to hear the French industry minister, Christine Lagarde, call Crolles a ‘production site’. Although everyone knew it was one, it always used to be officially referred to as an R&D line – presumably to comply with some Byzantine regulation about giving grants to research plants but not to factories. Maybe all that’s changed now.

Be that as it may, Bozotti has done a grand job of wooing the French authorities, a job reminiscent of the master himself, Pasquale Pistorio.


Many years ago I was at a conference in Naples where Pistorio was speaking. I asked ST if I could have some time with him. ‘No’, they said, ‘he’s leaving straight after his speech’.


Later that night, the ST people said: ‘Pasquale’s staying on another night. Come and talk to him.’


Next morning, a change in speakers was announced. Some local big-wig, a minister of something or other, was going to wind up the conference.


After the minister’s speech Pistorio, who had positioned himself in a seat on the aisle, was the first person to greet the minister as he left the room – a warm shake of the hand, an arm just touching the shoulder, gently leading him off to a quiet corner.


I’ve always wondered if that meeting had anything to do with the announcement, the following year, that the Italian government would give $700 million towards the building of ST’s Catania fab.



  1. Yes Scunnerous, the fishing policy shows how the ‘Community’ solves nothing – the same old national interests get fought over by the same old countries – but now it’s in the corridors of Brussels rather than on the battlefields of Europe.

  2. With regard to your note of “regulation”, it seems that the EU is a club where the French & Germans — and now the Spanish to a certain extent– get together to make up rules for the rest of the uhh, Community, which they then turn around and violate at every opportunity themselves.
    One of the most egregious examples of this is the forced decommissioning of the “small boat” UK demersal fishing fleet, which has managed its local stocks for centuries, all the while that the Spanish govt. is subsidizing the expansion of their factory fishing fleet to plunder the same waters with destructive dredge-style operations… turning the fishing grounds into long-term undersea deserts.
    I have to ask: are the castle bureaucrats in Brussels just asleep at the wheel or is it something more sinister? I think I know the answer but it’s tough to swallow… but at least I have the pill in hand.

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