The Honest Politician

“I don’t care about you unless you’re a donor or a lobbyist who can write a big fat cheque,” says Gil Fulbright, candidate in the upcoming US Senate election for Kentucky on November 4th.

“For the right price, I’ll support any message,” says Fulbright.

According to the campaign fund-raising site, the Kentucky Senate election will cost $100 million, the most expensive Senatorial election in US history,  with three quarters of  the money coming from outside Kentucky donated by special interest groups.

“Financial institutions donated over $1.6 billion to politicians over the last election cycle and, as your Senator, I’m going to take that money and give them unfair advantages over people like you,” says Fulbright.

The Indiegogo crowd-funding site asked for $20,000 in campaign donations for Fulbright and has already got $103,484 – including $20 of my hard-earned.

‘Money has completely corrupted the political system,’ says the site, ‘help fix America’s corrupt political system.’

Good Luck Honest Gil Fulbright – the politician who will never lie.



  1. Yes Mike, could be very entertaining:

    Part 1: Baron Hardheart’s Austerity Drive

    Part 2: Cinders Cloggy turns into a Pumpkin

    Part 3: The Ugly Brothers

  2. Well UKIP would be satire if it wasn’t for Cameroon, Cloggy and Commiband being a tragi-comedy in three parts.

  3. Now with Nigel you can never be quite sure whether he’s real or a satire, Mike.

  4. Sounds like what they really need is a Nigel Farage.

    USIP anyone ?

  5. Oh yes indeed, Marko, I realise it’s satire – it says so on the site – and the most effective satire is nearest to the truth. It’s very good to see this sort of thing because I think most Europeans are absolutely fed up with the money-grubbing of the rich elites – bankers, politicians, execs, lobbyists etc – and laughing at them is one way to destroy their credibility. The other way is revolution. So it’s great to see that you Yanks are also taking the piss out of your pols for their unscrupulous financial rapacity. But I thought from the site that Honest Gil needed dosh to go along to campaign meetings and take the piss out of the candidates when they’re on the stump. That’s why I sent him $20.

  6. David, you do know that Honest Gil isn’t real, right. Seriously, have you *ever* met an honest politician?

  7. Of course, the site says he’s a fake, but the site also says he’s going along to disrupt the campaign which, I assume, is why he’s raising money. He sounds like our late-lamented Screaming Lord Sutch – much loved on the UK political scene. But fake, joke or whatever he is, he’s making an apposite point.

  8. David,

    You do know this is a joke, right? This started as a Funny or Die video and is now being pushed beyond the early joke stage. The candidate is an actor from NY. Check out the article in the Louisville Courier-Journal.


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