What Do The Swiss Do In The Street?

You’d think the last people to object to Google photographing their streets would be the Swiss, because the Swiss never get up to anything interesting on their streets.



Judging by the early lights-out and the empty streets after 9pm, one assumes the Swiss rush back home for a hot chocolate before doing what Swiss do when they hit the sack (count their money).

The Swiss are the Continent's Canadians - early to bed, early to rise, keep it all behind closed doors and don't do anything to startle the horses.

So it's out of character to have Hanspeter Thür, who holds the no doubt important Swiss post 'Federal Data Protection Commissioner' (God how the Swiss love to protect data) to demand that Google close its Street View Maps service  in Switzerland.

Google says Google Maps has had an 80% increase in traffic since they opened the Street View Maps service.

That figures. The more obsessed with privacy people are, the more nosey they tend to be about the neighbours' antics.

Things flared up in Switzerland when a member of the national parliament, Ruedi Noser, was seen walking down a street with a woman, later identified as his PA.

Noser demanded the immediate closure of the Street View Maps service.

What the Swiss should do is get Google to blur the images of everyone on Street Maps View except members of parliament.

After all, by accepting the role as the peoples' representatives, aren't parliamentarians accepting an obligation to behave decently?

Or is that being silly?

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