Poll: The Most Important Breakthrough For Wireless Comms.

The technical breakthroughs which, eventually, made wireless communications a possibility stretch back almost 200 years. Which of the many technical advances over the years was the most important?



  1. Surely the Braun’s 1874 tuned circuit is a bit premature, 14 years before Hertz showed that radio waves were possible?????
    In any case Oliver Lodge patented the principle of tuned circuits for selective reception of radio signals which he called “syntonic tuning” in 1898.

  2. As even Stephen Hawking has said, Maxwell was in another league to all these others.

  3. Good point George. Maxwell was definitiely a contender. It’s really difficult to limit this down to half a dozen.

  4. A valid point, EW, and Hertz was considered. But only a limited number of breakthroughs could go in the poll. In another person’s poll, Hertz might well be included.

  5. Maxwell’s equations? Yes, he built on the work of other, like Gauss, Ampère, and Faraday, but he was the first to tie it all together.

  6. Why was Heinrich Hertz missed from this list?

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