Poll: What Is The Most Powerful Driving Force For Economic Growth?

Many forces are credited with driving economic growth, but which is the most powerful?

The Most Powerful Driving Force For Economic GrowthMarket Research



  1. Economic growth as with all things human is driven by simple need. People without need become lazy. Given that need exists then the second requirement is an suitable infrastructure. That’s when it starts to get complicated.

  2. Of course you’re right, Dr Bob. Without manufacturing industry these financial people have nothing to feed off. There are belated signs that even clever and important people are coming round to realising that.

  3. or ‘Owing money’ should be on the list.
    Nothing gets a government’s attention faster than the possibility of being declared bankrupt.
    But will they do the obvious and give manufacturing industries a lifeline to boost economic growth?
    I doubt it as they all seem to have the ‘market forces’ and ‘free trade mantra’ off down pat.
    The only real powerhouse for economic growth is manufacturing and the financial parasites have made sure that it is going extinct.
    Service, Financial and Retail industies only serve to distribute the results of economic growth created by Manufacturing.
    If the Manufacturing is foreign (whatever happend to i before e except after c) owned then some of the benefits go abroad which I suppose is better than nothing

  4. f all those who vote only 3 (currently) can think of anything other than the obvious – excluding monogamy, nice random touch…
    How about self awareness, imagination, altruism, fun?
    And how about philandering? Got to pay the alimony some how!

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