Poll: What’s The Most Interesting Question For 2012?

By the end of  the year these issues will look old hat, but what do you reckon now will be the most interesting topic in 2012?

Next year’s most interesting question



  1. Yes indeed, Dr Bob, 2012 did not start off well for Ed

  2. I would have thought that the most interesting question is the one that is missing.
    Will Ed and his ilk get their comeuppance?

  3. Bugger, that chopped off my first para
    I think I said: as a radio head, I still get excited by the terahertz stuff (resonant tunnelling diodes are cool) and 60GHz, but doubt they’ll have a big impact on anything. In radio, as in everything else, it’s software – a DSP chip with an antenna input…

  4. with an antenna input at one end and a USB interface at the other is (almost) all you need, for anything.
    To be expected: cars, aviation, nuclear power, all had early periods of massive innovation before settling down to variations on a theme. Question is, what next? Is it really going to be more and more distributed services sitting on top of huge data?
    I’m breaking out my soldering iron and knocking together a tobacco tin HF transceiver made entirely out of 2N2222s, while I still can…

  5. I think that’s what’s called hitting the nail on the head, RupertG, as shrinking logic gets more and more difficult for less and less return by fewer and fewer companies, the chances for breakthrough technology are diminishing fast. Graphene? Nanotubes? They may do the trick but silicon seems doomed to disappoint.

  6. Sigh – only one question that’s actually about components. Is there nothing actually technical that’s exciting in the market these days?

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