Poll: Which Company Would You Least Like To Work For?

Hard times make for harsh mistresses. In these challenging times, which company would you least like to work for?



  1. Because the French are too good at baking to accept instructions from other nationalities

  2. Our customers complain about the half-baked ARM biscuits we provide, now you are telling me there are baking instructions? Why wasn’t I told before?

  3. Yes, Keith, but the ARM biscuit comes in the form of a bake-it-yourself kit consisting of ingredients and baking instructions

  4. Except, David, that the Intel biscuit will require an oven with a much higher electricity consumption than an ARM biscuit.
    So Intel will start producing smaller biscuits to reduce the power consumption. This will provide a temptation to the biscuit eaters, who will wonder if the smaller biscuits provide a better eating experience than other vendors biscuits.
    A biscuit industry watcher, when asked to comment, said “These biscuits are smashing! Crumbs!”

  5. And Intel will make a biscuit which they’ll say has been baked in a superior way to all other biscuits but tastes exactly the same.

  6. Apple will make a rectangular biscuit with rounded corners and then sue anyone else who does the same.

  7. I heard some rumors float around in the internets that Samsung and Apple could be heading into the foodstuffs industry. Might be biscuits manufacturing, who knows? 🙂
    Cookie and biscuit companies can easily be chewed to pieces by those hungry engineering and manufacturing monsters:

  8. Because, Djonne, these companies operate in the most technically sophisticated and most competitive part of the electronics industry where a single miss-step has big consequences and company’s fortunes rise and fall quickly. I expect people working in, say, biscuit manufacturing never experience a competitive challenge or a down market in their working lifetimes!

  9. Why more than half of these companies operate in the telecom industry?

  10. Probably our fault, george, sorry about that though I immediately realised which post you were referring to and so, I suppose, did everyone else.

  11. georgegrimes-ti-com.myopenid.com

    Hmmm. My “Point taken!” post was supposed to be in response to the post about “no one in the government of Greece does any work”. I’m not sure why it appeared where it did. However, I did get an error message after I clicked on submit.

  12. georgegrimes-ti-com.myopenid.com

    Point taken!

  13. Ericsson – tick, Sony – tick, Nokia – tick, now, where should I go for my next career move, hmm, maybe I should move to RIM…… 🙂

  14. Me thinks that ST’s (Geneva based) management voted here…

  15. I’m glad you chose that particular association, Mr C.

  16. RIM it sounds too medical!

  17. Elpida – I can’t ever see myself working for a company that makes hair products.

  18. At the moment the worst job has got to be at the JPM London CIO trading desk. Nobody understands what you do, yet everyone in the world reckons you’re a crook, based on the simple fact that they cant understand what it is that you do! Even Ed is more respectable then these guys.

  19. How does this differ from the upper management of a few of these other companies ? 🙂

  20. No, george, because no one in the government of Greece does any work.

  21. georgegrimes-ti-com.myopenid.com

    Does the government of Greece count as a company for this competition?

  22. The European Central Bank

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