Poll: Which Tech Goodie Do You Most Want To Own By The End Of 2012?

What tech goodie do you most want to own by the end of 2012?



  1. Be my guest, David. We are both in the same boat.

  2. My Raspberry was alledgedly being shipped to me last week. But it never arrived. I got in touch with Parcel Force who had notified me that it was being delivered by them and had even supplied a parcel number. However they told me that from their records it had never been collected from RS. So then I rang RS who told me that they do not actually ship the Raspberries but rather it is done by a third party who I would need to contact. However the third party only have an email address and so far almost a week later they have still not replied.
    So I am sitting here completely unempowered to do anything about it, other than using your blog to have a whinge. Apologies.

  3. But is it realistic to expect to get one by the end of the year? I ordered mine back in January. Still not a word from the disties when it will be delivered.

  4. Can’t believe the Raspberry isn’t on the list – surely we all want one of these…

  5. Truthfully – I can’t think of any tech goodie that really excites me right now – my iPhone 3 is showing signs of wear and will probably make way for an iPhone 5 but I can’t say I’m tingling with anticipation…

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