Poll: What Should Murdoch Do?

Not for the first time, Rupert finds himself in a bit of a fix. What should he do?



  1. Other = Jump of his Yacht and forget how to swim….or did someone already do that????

  2. I’m the one who should apologise, Scunnerous, others have complained about this happening. I’ll mention it to the-powers-the-be.

  3. Umm, sorry about the double post – the first gave a “Server Error” but seemed to have made it through anyway.

  4. Scunnerous: I think it would be more appropriate for the Dirty Digger if he fell into the great big hole he’s dug for himself.

  5. Would it be cruel to suggest he consider err, falling overboard à la Robert Maxwell, another publishing scallywag.

  6. Would it be cruel to suggest he might err, fall overboard, à la Robert Maxwell?

  7. Cheeky buggers, Keith, I’ll have to haul Rupes before the Mannerisms Select Committe for questioning.

  8. From the results, it would appear News International have hacked this poll.

  9. I say “strip him of his assets, slap him in irons and ship him to the colonies”!
    Naturally the colonies of Virginia, because from memory he gave up his Aussie passport (to save taxes or for some similar convenient reason). Anyway NSW politics has enough bast*rds without re-importing, so let them deal with this one at Gitmo.

  10. Where’s the “admit I controlled a corrupt company and deserve to go down” option ?

  11. 1& 2 would be ideal. It seems he has some fondness for the British newspapers even though they don’t earn him much money. But if he were to get into trouble for similar activity in the US..

  12. Well, Dr Bob, I see he did 3. this afternoon, and The Times today says he’s considering 1. It’ll be interesting to see, if he closes the entire News Corp UK operation, whether Rebekah will still be CEO.

  13. Items 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 seem good to me

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