Imec Growing, Adds University, Awarded 201 Patents.

Imec reports revenues up 4% in 2013 0n 2012. They are made up revenue generated through industrial commitment from international partners, collaborations with universities worldwide and funds from European research initiatives, a yearly grant from the Flemish government totaling 48.6 million euro, and a 4.6 million euro grant from the Dutch government to support the Holst Centre.

“2013 has been a productive year and I am proud to report these solid financial figures given the challenging macro-economic climate and the ongoing semiconductor industry consolidation,”  says Imec CEO  Luc Van den hove, “this year Imec has succeeded in attracting more researchpartnerships, while continuing to foster existing relationships. Several new collaborations in the domain of healthcare with leading organizations including Janssen Pharmaceutica, Johns Hopkins University, TEL, Pacific Biosciences, Panasonic, JSR, and BioTelemetry underscore the world-class research we offer re confident that our continued breakthrough research, leveraging our proven nanoelectronics track record, will lead to novel instrumentsfor patient care and medical advancements.”

“Furthermore, this past year we intensified our partnership with ASML, reflecting our efforts to strengthen our collaboration with the leading suppliers of the IC industry,” adds  Van den hove. “These suppliers are vital contributors to our innovation hub, and increased interactions between IC manufacturers and suppliers will be essential to implement the next steps in innovation and scaling. Imec, as a neutral R&D organization offering the deep expertise, IP sharing models and talent, will continue to foster closer interactions at earlier stages in process development.”

In 2013, Imec’ employed 2,086 people, representing 71 nationalities. Of these, 383 were industrial residents and 289 were Ph.D. researchers. During the year,  Imec had  986 peer-reviewed articles published; 201 patents awarded; 124 patent applications submitted and  two  prestigious grants from the European Research Council (ERC).

Imec also launched its new learning academy in 2013  – Imec academy- which  is structured as a corporate university with the ambition to provide training in the domains that Imec excels, training at a level that is hard to find elsewhere.

Imec IClink assisted its customers with demanding foundry production schedules, taping-out over 500 customer designs. It adds value to these production services with a wide range of design, assembly and PCB services. Imec IClink is a growing operation averaging 17% CAGR over the last 6 years.

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