ECSEL Call For Projects Next Week

Next Tuesday, July 9th, the ECSEL Joint Technology Initiative will put out its first call for projects.

ECSEL (Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership) has €4.8 billion to spend over ten years promoting public/private projects in nanoelectronics, embedded systems and smart system integration.

SMEs are a key target group for ECSEL funding.

“The objectives are clear: create critical mass, select innovative ideas and bring products to market quicker,”says Heinz Kundert, CEO of SEMI Europe, ” co-operation projects offer opportunities to work enterprises in the components and applications sectors, prototype products on pilot lines, and test and demonstrate in live labs.”

“The value of participating in public funding programs is not just the actual financing,” adds Kundert, “the true benefit, in particular for SMEs, is the cooperation with suppliers and potential customers, access to top-notch facilities and continual user feedback to not only bring a product to market, but bring it at the right time.”

Kundert points out that the new rules for public/private financing allow up to 21.2% of a € 6 Billion fab to be financed through public funds.



  1. Oh dear Mike, I hope the lack of enthusiasm from the usual participants will encourage others to get involved.

  2. @Silverman : if you have a good startup idea go and talk to the big 3 EDA companies. Usually one or more of them will work out something to help you. After all today’s successful startup is tomorrow’s large customer.

    As for fabbing silicon, the Europractice MPWs are your lifeline.

  3. Nope. The European Parliament had to reign in the budget and as you said ECSEL is limited to €4.8 billion over the next 7 years (not 10) and most of that will be going to software projects so semis are fast falling off the radar in Brussels again.

    The French government has made it clear they are cutting back and most other country PAs aren’t enthusiastic about funding many smaller projects, let alone fabs. I expect to see far more projects fall by the wayside due to lack of funding in Horizon2020 than we ever saw in FP7 and before.

  4. No he didn’t say that Mike. I rather assumed that once projects are approved, the funding is raised for them.

  5. Did Heinz also point out that currently nobody – EU or country PAs – has the 21.2% of €6 Billion available if TSMC did come calling ? Until everyone gets their public finances sorted out it’s a rather hypothectical change to the funding rules.

  6. Yes indeed, SilverMan, that would be a catalyst

  7. Barrier to entry is the price of CAD tools isn’t it? If they can put an access programme together to allow SMEs to get silicon fabbed without breaking-their-bank….. that would be ideal.

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