TSMC To Power Fabs From Sun


Diversification is a wonderful thing. Now that TSMC is in the solar business through the 20% stakes it has bought in Motech and Stion, the company has said it will power a couple of fabs with solar energy.

TSMC’s boss of new business development, former CEO Rick Tsai, is saying that the company will use solar energy to power an eight inch fab and a twelve inch fab in Tainan, a city in the south of Taiwan.


Of course, unless TSMC is planning on covering half of Tainan with solar panels, there is no way it can power an entire fab from solar energy.


The company doesn’t say what proportion of the power used by the two fabs will come from solar.


The next thing will obviously be an announcement that, following its breaking ground on an LED factory last March, TSMC is going to light all its fabs with LEDs.


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