World’s Energy Problem Solved

I solved the energy problem some years ago in the bath. You roof over part of an African country with solar panels. The locals get shade. The world gets energy.  Now the EC has pinched the idea.

Speaking at the Euroscience Open Forum in Barcelona, Arnulf Jaeger-Walden of the European Commission’s Institute for Energy, suggested a solar farm the size of Wales in the Sahara could meet all Europe’s energy needs. A direct current cable would run the power into Europe.

The EC’s plan, desopite support from Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy, is not as good as my plan, because mine has dual benefits – shade + power. And I have already got a country lined up for it – Chad.

Chad is the best country for a solar roof because its Northern half is horrible, mainly desert, and the locals mostly live in the Southern half.

So you roof over part of the Northern half. You don’t even need all of the Northern half  because this is a country the size of Peru stretching over half a million square miles.


In fact, only 30,000 square miles of  Northern Chad need be roofed over, because a solar panel roof  that size would generate about 20TeraWatts, which is more than the current average power requirement of the planet.


Another good reason for choosing Chad as the world’s solar saviour, is that it’s seventh from bottom in the international corruption league table, coming in just above Tonga, Uzbekistan, Haiti, Iraq, Myanmar and Somalia.


This means the rulers will do as they’re paid to do, and will stop popular protestors invoking issues like preservation, ancient rights, traditional tribal lands etc to protect their shitty landscape.

Transmission? Direct current under the Med into Europe is the answer. 



  1. I think that it is more cost effective to have one grouping of solar panels then to have individual solar panels on homes.
    I think that locating these in key locations around the world could really have a positive effect. For instance what if we put solar panels in deserts throughout the world?
    This could not only help with power but this could also help develop some arid desert countries by giving them a resource they may not have thought to use, the sun.
    I found through my research a solar thermal or concentrating solar power. These commercially available solar panels use direct sunlight and mirrors to boil water. The steam is then used to drive a conventional steam turbine, which creates energy. I think this a great alternative for power in many sunny regions. In the link below I found information that said that questioned if we can get clean energy in place before an irreversible climate could happen.
    Following is information on the solar panel I discussed.

  2. I don’t get it, why the Sahara and why DC ?
    This would all have to be paid for by those in Europe, so why not just give everyone the benefit and put solar panels on every home in Europe.
    After all it is light that is collected not heat and some panels will actually produce energy from artificial light, so hey why not have panels in every building, to reclaim some of that wasted energy.
    Typical Euro B.S. , lets see where we can waste money next. There are lots of ways of generating electricity, where there is no need to go to another country and pay the costs of transmission losses and kick-backs to corrupt government officials. :S

  3. Mr Fuzion (I know its spelt with an s)

    The answer to our energy needs is to build a very large fusion reactor under the ocean, this reactor would extract its fuel directly from the sea water (using electrolysis) and would produce oxygen (this is good for us), Helium (not really a problem if you like balloons). As an interim solution we could all use a bit less electricity, by turning off the TV and going to the local park at the weekend, this would also be beneficial to our health and social well being.

  4. spelling mistake spotted.
    should be “despots” not desopite

  5. That might not be quite so effective in view of the Welsh climate

  6. “a solar farm the size of Wales in the Sahara could meet all Europe’s energy needs”
    Umm. Are they going to let Africa have any of that energy if there is any left over?
    I say let’s put a solar farm the size of Wales in Wales.

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