China Chill Gets Chillier

China cranks up the high-tech trade tiff  with America by banning government purchases of anti-virus software from Symantec.

Post-Snowden, China is able to taunt the Americans with claims that their products have back-doors and other security concerns.

Symantec immediately denied it puts back doors in its products.

Symantec and Kaspersky join a growing cast of US companies which have fallen under the baleful scrutiny of the China authorities.

Qualcomm, Microsoft, Apple and Applied Materials are all currently feeling the China chill.

Google pulled out of China four years ago when it the authorities started interfering with its China-based service.

There’s a tit-for-tat element – America banned Huawei equipment, also alleging back-doors, and recently accused five Chinese military men of stealing US secrets.

It’s very childish but no apparent effort is being made to resolve the issues.

Maybe it’s because the American authorities are still in denial that the US does all this spying despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.



  1. Sorry but no Trabants, though the largest UK collector of these lived up the road from us until the Peak District SS told him to get rid of them.

    My cars are mostly Italian, French and Japanese and farm stuff British though the grass cutter is French with a Honda engine and a crappy Italian battery that keeps breaking !!

  2. Yes Fred I’d also like to know more about Mike’s car collection. I thought he got around on tractors and dung-carts out there in the Northern wastelands..

  3. Mike’s car collection sounds interesting – maybe a Trabant in there, very collectible these days. Anyway, so China is worried about American AND Russian software being installed on their institutional systems. Well, I’d say the story still holds true..

  4. Oh. Thanks for that Mike, I’ll change it.

  5. Uh – Kaspersky are one of Russia’s best known software exports and about as American as my car collection 🙂

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