DRAM Makers To Pay $310m For Price-Fixing

33 US Attorney Generals have extracted an undertaking to pay $310 million from six current and former DRAM makers for price-fixing between 1998 and 2002.

In what looks like a casualty list from the DRAM wars, Infineon is liable for $30 million, NEC for $20 million Toshiba for $7.5 million, Hitachi and Mitsubishi for 5.6 million each, Elpida for $4.2 million, Nanya for $3.8 million and Mosel for $2.8 million.

Of the three remaining DRAM companies, Samsung is to pay $113 million, Micron is liable for $66 million and Hynix is in for $50 million.

In 2005, after a criminal investigation by the US DoJ, Samsung agreed to settle the case by paying $300 million, Hynix settled for $185 million and Infineon paid $160 million.

Micron dodged that particular bullet allegedly by co-operating with the DoJ in supplying information about the price-fixing.

The DoJ said the principal victims of the price-fixing were Compaq, Dell, HP, Apple, IBM and Gateway.

Any US resident or US company who bought DRAM from the six named companies between 1998 and 2002 can claim for the money.



  1. So if neither is correct George what can the plural of an AG be?

  2. In the dim days of prehistory (back when I was but a lad), I was taught that the proper plural form of attorney general was “attorneys general” rather than “attorney generals”. I checked the Webster’s online dictionary and found that now both forms are not acceptable. I guess Bob Dylan was correct when he wailed that “the times they are a-changin’!”

    Ascribe this posting as being relevant to nothing and merely the whimsical rantings of a feeble mind.

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