Fakery, Trickery and Skulduggery

Last week a couple of fake legal documents were filed in the Silicon Valley anti-poaching case which had, apparently,  been  settled earlier with a surprisingly cheap pay-off,  but which the judge said she was reviewing.

The filings ask  for the replacement of the judge, Judge Lucy Koh, who is widely seen as a straight arrow in the US Judiciary and one who has stood no nonsense from hi-tec companies in the past.

The filed document reads: ‘Petitioner Is Entitled To Have Case Assigned To Another Judge Who Is Not Affiliated in the direct above described prior work.’

The filing alleges connections between the Prersident Barack Obama and Judge Koh as part of the rationale why she should be replaced in the case.

The filed documents were purportedly signed by an attorney called Cathy Jones who has since denied that she signed the documents.

Eyebrows were raised when the lawyers for the plaintiffs in the class action against Intel, Google, Apple and Adobe settled for $324 million when the claim was for $3 billion which would have been automatically tripled under anti-trust law.

One of the 64,000 plaintiffs objected to the settlement which would have resulted in the plaintiffs only getting a single figure thousand dollar settlement.

And Judge Koh has indicated that she will be looking at the settlement to see if it is fair.

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