Good Old Facebook

Facebook is turning out to be the White Knight of the Silicon Valley anti-poaching case.

It seems that the members of the anti-poaching collusion - Google, Intel, Apple and Adobe - were so furious that Facebook refused to join their plot that they decided to try and aggressively recruit Facebook employees.

One email from Intel CEO Paul Otellini and Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr - both of whom sit on the Google board - suggested that the Google co-founders should personally approach Facebook employees to try and recruit them.

“Paul/John asked who was reaching out to the target Facebookers,” wrote a Google vp Prasad Setty, “they suggested that we have Larry/Sergey and Eng execs reach out rather than the Staffing leads.”

The emails were revealed In a response by Judge Lucy Koh to a Google motion that the evidence in the case should be sealed. Instead, Judge Koh ordered the evidence to be published

Koh is pondering on whether the $324 million proposed settlement is fair to the plaintiffs.



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  1. Wow. Way to go Faceplant.

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