No Hire Case Settled

The class action lawsuit against Intel, Apple, Google and Adobe alleging no-hiring agreements for each others’ employees has been settled.

The terms of the settlement will not be revealed until the end of May but one of the plaintiff’s lawyers called the settlement terms “excellent” and there are rumours that the four companies have agreed to pay a collective $324 million to settle.

64,000 employees were affected and the damages award could have been $9 billion.



  1. The settlement still needs to be approved by the court, AnotherAnonymous, and the judge is a very straight arrow, so there’s a chance she may ask some pertinent questions. If there has been skulduggery then I suppose it’s possible the settlement terms could be set aside.

  2. AnotherAnonymous

    And the 32 billion from my previous comment, that’s without any punitive damages. Like bankrobbers who get caught and set free unpunished because they gave the money back…. but that seems to be the norm nowadays.

  3. Agreed, AnotherAnonymous, I understand the lawyers could be in for half the award so they’re happy. It looks suspiciously as if there’s been some dirty work at the cross-roads here with the engineers being secrewed over again.

  4. AnotherAnonymous

    I would say even 9 Billion would have been cheap.
    64000 thousand people screwed out of 50000 a year for 10 years is 32 Billion… but probably the lawyers figured they could get their millions quickly without a messy trial by settling cheaply.

  5. I agree, DontAgree, they have settled ridiculously cheaply if $324 mil is the right figure. It is only a leaked figure at the moment, the court will make public all the terms of the settlement on May 27th.

  6. I can see how that is excellent … for the big companies … but 324 Mil i.s.o. 9 Bil ??? That is a big difference, even if the lawyers would take 60%.

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