Pigs Can Fly

Which headline amazes you most?

‘Congress puts country before party’

‘Simon Cowell gives all his money to charity’

‘Mobile operator gives up roaming charges’

The gob-smacking news in The New York Times this morning is that T-Mobile is to abolish its roaming charges.

T-Mobile’s new roaming charges:

Data: Unlimited and free.

Texts: Unlimited and free.

Calls: 20 cents a minute.

T-Mobile customers get this automatically without having to sign up for it.

“T-Mobile’s CMO refers to “these bloated 90 percent profit margins” for rosming charges.

You could knock me down with a feather.

Maybe pigs really can fly.



  1. It’s a cartel isn’t it? So they all need to agree to stop shafting consumers?
    If they do it will be great – people will start using their fancy phones more liberally – in the long run it could provide more revenue for the telcos.

  2. Remarkable news David, and most welcome. Next thing you’ll be telling me that Tony Blair’s started telling the truth.

  3. Probably with a special “only in London” tariff just like their 4G rollout !!!

  4. Since Orange and the other lot merged into EE you can’t get a signal at home so what chance have you abroad. Free ‘no signal’ is not actually any good to anyone.

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