Secrets For Sale

There’s always been one law for the rich and another for the poor.

In today’s morally ambivalent world that seems all the more true.

Edward Snowden revealed the extent of America’s spying for ethical reasons.

A former head of the NSA is trying to sell information about the extent of spying.

General Keith Alexander, former head of the NSA and US Cyber Command has set up a company called IronNet Cybersecurty offering to sell security advice for $600,000 a month.

“I question how Mr. Alexander can provide any of the services he is offering unless he discloses or misuses classified information, including extremely sensitive sources and methods,” wrote Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida to Alexander’s potential clients, “without the classified information he acquired in his former position, he literally would have nothing to offer to you.”

“Disclosing or misusing classified information for profit is, as Mr. Alexander well knows, a felony,” added Grayson in a letter sent to the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, the Consumer Bankers Association, the Financial Services Roundtable and the Clearing House – all of which Alexander had approached to try and sell his services.

Apparently he had started by asking for $1 million a month.

If a former spy boss can do this, then every US federal employee with a secret to sell can set up shop and flog off America’s secrets.

That’s capitalism.



  1. Absolutely, Fred, spot on

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