How Shitty Is Apple To Its Customers?

Apple slows down its phones by issuing an ‘upgrade’ shortly before it launches a new model, alleges a study by Harvard University PhD student Laura Trucco.

Trucco looked for Google searches about iPhones slowing up and found that searches on the subject spiked a few months before each new iPhone model was put on the market.

I experienced the slowing effect on my iPhone3G when I stupidly upgraded it to a new OS.

Desperate to reverse the upgrade I rang Apple who told me it was impossible. However the very nice Apple-ite I spoke to very kindly pointed me to a web-site which could help.

To my great relief it did, though it was a fairly complicated series of steps to do it.

Since then I have resisted all of the many attempts by Apple to get me to ‘upgrade’ the OS on my iPad2.

And it still works fine.



  1. Here Here, Silverman

  2. Baron’s Law is spot on.

  3. Thanks Keith that sounds like good advice.

  4. If you have the misfortune to be still running Windows, get yourself a copy of the Sysinternals ‘autoruns’ tool.

    It shows you graphically what your PC is loading at startup and you can disable or delete all that nasty update stuff (plus other stuff you weren’t even aware of)…. It shows not just executables but also services…

  5. Baron’s Law sounds good to me, The Baron.

  6. “Microsoft do this too I think. They are called “Automatic updates”. This is presumably how several thousand million instructions per second still feels slow”

    Turn them off! No-one should have automatic updates enabled as it gives the service carte blanche to constantly interrupt your work. Same with things like Norton Live Update.

    I do a manual update every month or so and virus update every few days. In reality there’s very few things need updated every time you start your computer, but windows automatic update will ensure it runs like a dog for the first 10 minutes after a restart as the related svchost.eve process starts and then tries to swap-out every other process. This is normally the time you want fast response as you’ve started it up to do things like check an urgent email.

    Just ignore the little “PC issues” flag in the lower-right of the screen – it’s NOT an issue if you do it one a month or so.

    I hanker for the halcyon days when you had to justify going over a megabyte of code size because you shared the Gould/VAX/Systime/Elxsi/Pyramid/etc. with 100 other users.

    Coders today are just sloppy to the extent that they outpace increases in machine performance.

    If no-one else has claimed it then I claim “Baron’s Law”: your computer will get at least twice as slow every 18 months due to software bloat.

    The Baron

  7. Cloud would solve the upgrade problem, Silverman, but would present us with a bigger one – zilch control over our content.

  8. Is Cloud Computing the answer? We all go back to using terminals and the cloud takes care of all the updates?

  9. Its not just Apple. Your windows PC will slow down since the first day you get it, owing to the fact that the registry just grows and grows until it it tens or hundreds on Mb in size and searching it gets slower and slower… not to mention all the junkware that gets installed (update programs are the worst e.g. google, Adobe and others). Then there is the necessary anti-virus software, not unsurprisingly McAffee is the worst culprit here of crippling your machine.

    The only solution is a periodic wipe of the disc and reinstall (just reinstalling without wiping won’t help as the register etc. is left untouched)

  10. I’d love to help but it was a long time ago, RCinCA, this was an upgrade on an iPhone 3G and I have no record of the Web-site I used. I was tipped off about it by an Apple ‘Genius’ so it might be worth phoning Apple to see if they’ll give you a steer. A reset back to factory settings might do it.

  11. This practice is certainly not limited to iPhones/iPads. As a long time Apple user I can assure you it happens to Macs as well. In fairness, most other companies do it as well.

    I also made the same poor decision to upgrade my iPad to iOS7, and regret it. Would dearest Mr. Manners share with us the site with instructions to reverse my iOS 7 mistake?

  12. Well I hope Samsung doesn’t pick up on this dirty little habit, SilverMan, my S4 must be coming up to the moment when an S5 will be put out to supplant it. I shan’t be accepting any upgrades for a while, that’s for sure.

  13. Microsoft do this too I think. They are called “Automatic updates”. This is presumably how several thousand million instructions per second still feels slow.

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