Sitting-In-the-Pub-While-Making-Millions Part 3

Further to a previous post and a follow-up post on how to make a fortune while sitting in the pub, a clever mate came up with these three ideas for new iPhone applications while sitting in the pub at the weekend.

  1. You take a photo of yourself and the programme rates you on a 1-10 scale for attractiveness.
  2. You take a picture of yourself and the phone shows you pictures of people who look like you.
  3. A digital re-incarnation of the I-Spy books where you have to spot things: e.g a starfish in the I-Spy Ate The Seaside book, or a cow in the I-Spy In The Countryside book. In digital I-Spy you have to take a photo of the things you’re expected to find then, when you’ve found and photographed them all, you send the completed list into Big Chief I-Spy for some form of recognition.



  1. You’re right. It would be so good to see them back again.

  2. By Jove! That I-Spy thing takes me back a few millennia! I learned a lot from those little I-Spy books; someone ought to take that idea up.

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