The Importance Of Valued Uniqueness

Useless technologies get created all too often, while valued uniqueness is all too rare, says the CEO of Imagination Technologies, Hossein Yassaie.

"Too many companies think they can win by just being smaller/faster/cheaper'" says Yassaie, "it's no longer enough. Too many companies analyse existing markets to extrapolate future ROI - it rarely works. Too many companies apply backward-looking thinking to forward-looking strategies - you won't ever be a leader that way. Too many companies say what they think everyone wants to hear - then fail because everyone else does the same thing."

"You need a unique strategy you really believe in - and stick to it," says Yassaie.

Yassaie gives out five reasons why you need a crystal ball: "Useless technologies get created all too often; today's markets rarely reflect tomorrow's; great technology takes time to develop - ten years from inspiration to revenues; markets increasingly interact - being able to bring technology from one industry to another is increasingly a useful route to market; and maturing technology markets will always rationalize down to a few players - you need to figure out how to be one of them."

As a CEO you must ensure that everyone from the board to the bench must feel they "have your full attention and priority at all times", says Yassaie.

To create demand and become pervasive, technology must have "valued uniqueness", says Yassaie, and if you have that an ecosystem will grow around that uniqueness and itself become a "key valued uniqueness".

Finally, he reminds us that "investors are not patient"- they like to see increasing revenues not the promise of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that everyone in your company must be results-focused and that you need to work with governments.



  1. I suppose it highlights one of the oldest adages in the start-up book, cheese: Get VCs on-board at the latest stage you possibly can. Beg, borrow and steal before you go to VCs.

  2. “…ten years from inspiration to revenues..”
    “…investors are not patient..”
    have my cake and eat it too?

  3. Thanks Sevilla

  4. The nice area in the Valley we talked about is “Santa Ana Road”. Cheers

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