The Killer App Of The Decade.

The killer app of the decade is here, thanks to an Israeli group. The killer app was always going to be face recognition to the handset – you hold up your phone towards a person and it tells you who they are.

The app has been developed by which is said to be working on Facebook’s facial recognition programme.


Called KLIK, the app is currently in the Apple app store and it is free.


At this stage, the app is restricted, for privacy reasons, for showing you information about people with whom you are connected on Facebook.


However, it is unlikely that this restriction will endure for long, now that has made its software, called Photo Finder, available to developers who are building applications which let you search for anyone whose photo is on the internet.


‘The technology is already being used by 5,000 developers,” says Gil Hirsch, founder and CEO of, “you can basically search for people in any photo – on Flickr, in newspapers, or in videos on YouTube – but it would take a lot of processing power.”

Presumably, in a handset, the processing would have to be done in the Cloud

The software reduces the measurements and characteristics of a face to an algorithm which can be compared to any photo published on the internet. says it is 90% accurate.

UK customs is currently using face recognition technology to recognise people coming into the country at airports.

The privacy issues are, of course, horrendous but, once something becomes possible, it is unlikely that it’s going to go away.



  1. Everyday I feel happier at not being on Facebook…

  2. Amazing! – there is already Malware available counter this technology threat!

  3. One person at a time should be enough?
    facebook will use location-awareness to minimise friendly fire errors.
    Zynga credits presumably for successful shooters.

  4. Ha Ha, Mark, presumably its precision is capable of future refinement.

  5. So with 90% accuracy it will be able to narrow me down to one of only 84.5 million Facebook users…


    Lefty, you have just described a gun that can be programmed to shoot only one person! I’m not sure what to make of that. It will be safer for the rest of the world, I guess, but very deadly for that one person. This goes well beyond having a bullet with “your name written on it”!

  7. when it is built into a sniper rifle it really will be a killer app.
    the future looks very scary indeed.

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