Toon Takes Over As XMOS CEO

The last of the ‘big, bold, hairy’ West Country semiconductor plays – XMOS – has got a new CEO – Nigel Toon.

Toon was involved in all three plays – at Icera as a co-founder, and at PicoChip as CEO.

Icera was sold to Nvidia after ten years for $367m after VCs had invested $250m in the company.


PicoChip was sold for around $50m after 11 years after VCs had invested $100m in the company.


XMOS is seven years old.


Is Toon taking the job to grow the company or sell it?


“I’ve told the people here at XMOS that our goal is to build a $100m revenue business in the next five years,” replied Toon, “we’ll be quiet for the next three months while we talk to customers, and then we’ll have to show we’re heading in the right direction and doing the right thing.”


How patient are his investors?


“The challenge over the next 12 to 18 months is to show we’re making the right progress in design wins and in defining a clear position for the company,” responded Toon.


Unlike his previous companies, Icera and PicoChip, XMOS, as a maker of C-programmable ICs,  has a wide range of markets into which it can sell its chips.

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