UK VCs Increase Tech Investment By 46%

UK VCs are a resilient breed. At a time of fairly general uncertainty, they’ve displayed robust confidence in British high-tech.

VC investment grew 23% in Q2 over Q1, and by 46% compared to Q209, according to technology investment house Ascendant.

In Q2, VCs invested £188m in 46 UK and Irish companies, 23% up on the £153m invested in Q1. 84 investors participated in the Q2 deals- a 35% increase over Q209.


That means, for the first half of the year, that a total of £341m has been invested by 141 investors in 111 deals worth £0.5m or more.


The 10 biggest deals in Q2, getting 68% of the investment, were: Icera (£31m), InterResolve (£30m), Hut Group (£14m), Picochip (£14m), Red Spider (£8m), Nualight (£7m), Huddle (£7m), Aepona (£7m), P2i (£6m) and PhosphonicS (£6m).


The busiest investors were Carbon Trust, Balderton Capital, Eden Ventures, EnterpriseIreland, Midven, Oxford Capital Partners and Scottish Enterprise.


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  1. Don’t you think it’s also rather disappointing that 3 of the 7 investors you mention are government agencies. We do need government cash to oil the wheels but it would have been nice to see more private investments in the list.
    Also what’s InterResolve got to do with high-tech – it’s a bunch of ambulance chasers 🙂
    That said there are some good investments there. P2i is one I’ve been following for years and shows Britain is still Great at some things.

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