BT Points Up Flaky Wireless Networks


BT’s new telly ad which shows a couple of family members settling down for a chin-wag and advising ‘better use a landline’ has an important kernel of truth. If you want to immerse yourself in a good goss, don’t use a mobile.


The kernel of truth contained in BT’s ad is that the mobile networks are  getting flakier and flakier.


Most likely that’s because the operators are not investing to keep up with usage. So, like the American operators, they are trying to cram too many users into the available bandwidth and the result is dropped calls.


Nearly a decade after the 3G auctions there’s not much 3G about. Anywhere outside London, the best you can usually get is GPRS. Even in some parts of London all you can get is GPRS.


Meanwhile, LTE has come along. Operators say they will gradually introduce it to take the strain in areas of dense usage. My impression is it will be introduced at a snail’s pace.


So good for BT in highlighting the inadequacy of the wireless operators. I have to say it takes an inadequate to know one, because BT has been the most leaden-footed exponent of new telecoms technology in the history of telecoms network operators.


However, pots calling kettles black,  poachers turning gamekeeper, call it what you will, BT’s new ad puts its finger fairly and squarely on what is wrong with our wireless networks.






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    Light travels faster than sound This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak

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