Good Old Ofcom

Ofcom has made a brilliant decision in allowing Everything Everywhere, the Orange – T-Mobile jiv, to start running 4G services on its existing spectrum as from next month.

It’s a  brilliant decision because it makes quality of service a competitive differentiator.

Up to now operators have had little motivation to invest in improving their netorks which has meant investment in the networks has been low and slow to grow.

For instance much of the UK doesn’t have 3G 12 years after the 3G spectrum auction.

This new decision by Ofcom will bring back  superior service as a key criterion  for consumers choosing a network.

Everything Everywhere could deploy 4G services next month. Ofcom says the company can roll out 4G as from September 19th. When it happens is now down to the company.

The auction of spectrum for 4G is not due to happen until next year.

Everything Everywhere’s main UK rival operators, which  have done everything they can to disrupt the bidding process to steer it in their favour, have reacted bitterly to the news.

O2 said it was “hugely disappointed” and Vodafone said Ofcom had shown a “careless disregard”  for the “competitive distortion” the decision would entail.

Ofcom wants the rules for next year’s spectrum  auction to make it inevitable that there will be four operators of 4G services in the UK. It is this that Vodafone and O2 have been fighting so hard against that it has delayed the auction and consequently delayed deployment of 4G services in the UK.

Until now.



  1. Any idea why it isn’t mandatory for operators to share masts? They really would have to think about QOS then.
    It seems we are still paying for the surreal spectrum auction around 2001/2.

  2. So, all of the network operators will roll out 4G on their existing spectrum in London.
    There’s no reason to expect 3G coverage to improve for anyone who isn’t at the top of the profitability pyramid.
    On the subject of coverage, isn’t it about time that network coverage is quoted in terms of geographical coverage rather than population coverage (after all, quite a few of us use a mobile where there is no population).

  3. Personally Yes, Michael Flanagan, because when I rang them because Sky was giving me grief a charming guy asked: ‘Shall I send them an email?’. “yes” I said. Two hours later the prob was solved. So I like Ofcom though they seemed to have ballsed up the LTE interference with TV issue.

  4. BUT can u trust OFCOM

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