Ten Best Inventions Of Thomas Edison

There’s never been anyone like Edison with his 1,093 patents and his ‘Invention Factory’ in Menlo Park, New Jersey, where he boasted he would invent something minor every ten days and a ‘Big Trick’ every six months. Here are Edison’s ten best Big Tricks:


Durable light bulb (40 hours)

Electrical Vote Recorder Quadruplex,

Sextuplex and multiplex telegraph

Carbon microphone

Electricity distribution system

First commercial fluoroscope (for X-Ray examinations)

Stock ticker

Kinematograph (motion picture camera)

Kinetoscope (peep hole viewer)



  1. Go here http://www.mpoweruk.com/history.htm#edison to see what a charlatan Edison was.
    Follow the links to see what further intrigues he an others were guilty of.

  2. For ChrisL20, the voting machine was where people would flip a voting switch, and it would send an electric current to the machine, and when voting was done, a clerk would put a niece of paper with a type of chemical, so that the electrical current would burn a hole in the paper, making votes ALOT easier to count

  3. Keep in mind that he had a virtual army of people working on inventing things and when they would come up with something, Edison would put HIS name on the patent. Perhaps his greatest talent was his incredible ability at self-promotion.

  4. I haven’t a clue, ChrisL20, but it sounds like an electrical voting machine which, I understand, the Americans now use in many states of the union.

  5. What is a Electrical Vote Recorder???? And How do you use it?

  6. Arguable whether he invented them [Anonymous]

  7. what about the batteries

  8. whats a multiplex telegraph?

  9. Electricity distribution system?
    Really? I think any electricity distribution people reading this would not consider Edison’s work to have been that important.
    Perhaps you could add his works works such as killing animals with ac to prove his dc system was safer.

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