Top Ten Fastest Growing Semi Companies In Q2 2012

Thanks to IC Insights for this – the fastest growing semiconductor companies in Q2 2012:

             Q2 on Q1
               % gain

TSMC       22

GloFo       18

UMC        16

NXP         12

Freescale    8

Hynix          8

Broadcom   8

TI               7

ST              6



  1. I suppose when you’re ramping a node a significant improvement in yield gives you the effect of a big increase in capacity, Anonymous, while shortages in capacity – and there’s a worldwide shortage of capacity on the new 28nm node – give you an increase in prices and consequently revenue – which is what these companies were measured by and accounts for TSMC’s 22% rise.

  2. To achieve a 22% year-on-year growth rate is astounding – but from what level? There looks to be plenty of spare capacity out there still then.

  3. %, Richard.

  4. Revenue growth in absolute or percentage terms? Remember that human growth is fastest in percentage terms when the single cell splits into two.
    Regards, Richard (

  5. Right first time [Anonymous] revenues it is

  6. Growth in what? Revenue, profit, market share, new products…

  7. I would love for Samsung to separate LSI and memory to the outside world. Now the shrink in their memory business is hiding their growth in foundry, which would be very interesting to compare to the top 3 in the list.

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