Top 10 R&D Spend-to-Sales Ratios

Thanks to IC Insights for this one – the top ten companioes for R&D-spend-to-sales-spend ratios:


Broadcom     28


ST                 24


AMD             22


Qualcomm     21


Renesas          20


Intel               17


Toshiba          16


TI                   13


Samsung          8


TSMC              8



  1. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    I am surprised Qualcomm is not even higher, after all their scope of interest for research appears unrivalled:
    (the first few seconds show the famous Qualcomm patent wall which to some is as scary as any wolf-pidgeon)

  2. All this proves is that some companies definition of R&D spend differs from others…

  3. Amazing.
    Samsung develops their own NAND and DRAM process and chip design, and logic process. Must be a lot of synergy, and of course they sell like crazy.
    TSMC sells like crazy and only develops (multiple) logic process technology without designing the actual chip, and still spends the same amount. Guess this is confirmation that SEC doesn’t pay their engineers overtime.
    And GF? They don’t sell that much but do have to develop their process, expected them to be right up there with ST.

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