Top Ten (and next 10) fabless Companies

Thanks to IC Insightsd for this one – the top 20 fabless companies in 2010:

Qualcomm        7,204 
Broadcom         6,589
AMD                 6,494
Marvell              3,592
MediaTek          3,590
Nvidia               3,575
Xilinx                2,311
Altera               1,954
LSI Corp.          1,616
Avago               1,187
Novatek             1,149
ST-Ericsson       1,146
MStar                1,067
Atheros                927
CSR                     801
Realtek                 706
Himax                   643
PMC-Sierra            635
Trident                   558



  1. Oh dear, Mike, someone will have to tell Bill. Maybe Malcolm’s the best person for that – he told me in Grenoble that Bill is the best semiconductor analyst in the world (Bill was sitting next to him).

  2. #10 wouldn’t be the same Avago that has fabs in Singapore and US then ?

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