Top Ten (and the next 15) IC Suppliers in 2010

Thanks to iSuppli for this one – the top 25 IC suppliers in 2010.

            Revs. $bn

           Intel       40.4

Samsung 27.8

Toshiba   13

TI            13

Renesas 12

Hynix      10.4

ST          10.3

Micron       8.9

Qualcomm 7.2

Broadcom 6.7

Elpida       6.4

AMD         6.3

Infineon      6.3

Sony         5.2

          Panasonic 4.9

Freescale  4.4

NXP          4

Marvell      3.6

MediaTek  3.6

NVidia       3.2

Rohm        3.1

Fujitsu       3

ADI           2.9

Maxim      2.4

         Xilinx         2.3



  1. You’re right, Robert, there’s a heck of a lot going on.

  2. Things that I noticed
    1) BRCM’s revenue is over 1/2 TI’s. If BRCM averages 30% CAGR than they’ll pass TI in 4 years!
    2) Innovation in semiconductor is returning to the long tail. Look at how many of the industries most innovative companies have revenue below $4B
    3) there is a still a lot of revenue scattered amongst the dying ‘old guard” companies. Add up all the revenue at Sony, Panasonic, Rohm, NXP, Freescale….and you could easily create several companies the size of TI (I wonder who will control this revenue in 5 years?) makes me excited to still be a part of the industry.

  3. Yes indeed, Terry, Fab-lite is increasingly being seen as a discredited concept. As the President of TI Europe says, ‘A fab-lite strategy is a no cash strategy’. NXP’s failure to grow revenues for six successive quarters may well be due to constrained capacity after they closed so much of what they had.

  4. Samsung’s vertically integrated structure has enabled them to steamroller their competition. It’s interesting that many European companies such as Philips/NXP could not run away fast enough from vertical integration.

  5. Yes, Mike, Samsung’s progress seems relentless. As for Renesas/NEC they’ll have to actually do something new if they’re going to be bigger than the sum of their parts. The departure of J.J.Yamaguchi suggested that they probably aren’t going to do anything new.

  6. Samsung still closing in on Intel and now larger than Toshiba & TI combined. Also not so obvious is that for Renesas and NEC the sum does seem to be greater than the parts.

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